Dhamma coaching

– Buddhist Life Coach –

Meyubi offers is coaching online for Dhamma practice, at no cost. 

The Buddhist Path in modern life

How does the Buddhist Path of letting go match with modern life in a society focused on passion, aversion and indivituality?

  • Is the Path clear to you?
  • Are you struggling with living a life of simplicity?
  • Is there friction in your relationship?
  • Are you uncertain of how to progress?

Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood is the Buddha’s recommended way of leading our lives, along with Right Action and Right Speech.

  • How can Buddhist wisdom be used in your life to reduce imbalances?
  • How do you live with wisdom, kindness and generosity?
  • Are you living with Right Livelihood?
  • Having trouble living by one of the precepts?

“When one does not understand death, life can be very confusing.”

~ Ajahn Chah
  • 1000’s hrs of practice
  • 100’s hrs in sutta study
  • For the welfare of all beings
Dhamma coach Calle Hunefalk

Dedicated to the path to liberation,
for the benefit of oneself and others.

How it works

Short meditation

We start the session with a 10 minute meditation.


Around 50 minutes we talk through your challenges and reflect on how to apply the teachings to daily life.

Giving dana

Optionally support others to receive Dhamma coaching by giving a donation.

Schedule a call

Send us a message to schedule a Dhamma coaching session. Please include details about the time zone you are in and which time of day would be good for a talk.
It would be helpful if you can provide several options for a suitable time. 

Also, please include some details about your Dhamma practice and experience with the Buddhist Path, as well as any relevant details you think are necessary. 

If you want to donate your time or money for the benefit of others, please use this form as well, and you will be contacted with details

Dhamma coaching for Buddhist practitioners.

Buddhist Life Coach

Many Dhamma practitioners have no monastery nearby.

Meyubi offers is coaching online for Dhamma practice for anyone, at no cost. We practice dana, allowing merits of good kamma through giving.

This lets you support others and yourself to progress on the path.


The name Meyubi is pronounced as “May you be”, wishing:

  • May you be well
  • May you be happy
  • May you be kind
  • May you be wise
  • May you be free


The purpose of Dhamma coaching is to support Buddhist practitioners on the path to liberation.

Dhamma coaching is free for anyone practicing the Buddhist path – monastics or lay people.

It’s free for everyone, however there are a few criteria for the coaching.

Familiarity with the Four Noble Truths is necessary for us to have a common understanding in the coaching session.

Knowing the five precepts – avoiding intentional killing, avoiding stealing, avoiding sexual misconduct, avoiding false speech, and avoiding taking intoxicants -is also a base for the practice.

Understanding of the Eightfold Path is helpful. Not in terms of reciting or scholarly knowledge, but when hearing reference to the path, there is some recognition.

Understanding that there is no theistic belief system in Buddhism – that fixed views lead to suffering. Instead of thinking we know, we realize that this moment there is change.

Every moment.

Since there is change, there is uncertainty about whether what we believe is ultimately true.

Understanding that the Buddhist path is not to hold onto fixed views, but continuous practice.

Dhamma coaching

Dhamma coaching is from the perspective of spiritual friendship – kalyanamitta.

Buddhist Life Coach

From the perspective that four out of five ways to attain liberation has to do with sharing the Dhamma – hearing the Dhamma, teaching the Dhamma, repeating the Dhamma, and reflecting on the Dhamma (the fifth is meditative absorption).

In coaching, we share and reflect on the Dhamma, so that it may lead us to liberation.

Dana – generosity

Dhamma coaching is founded on generosity and giving – dana – to allow anyone to receive the benefits of moving forward on their path (and their life) by the generous acts of others.

When you receive a coaching session, it is supported by the generosity of others.

If you would like to support others in receiving Dhamma coaching, please contact Meyubi to hear about how to donate for others to benefit.

The Dhamma Coach

Calle Hunefalk is a Dhamma practitioner for many years, working as a life coach in Denmark.

If you have visited or attended a retreat at the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in the UK, you might have met him. Calle practises in the Theravada (Thai Forest) tradition Ajahn Chah and studies the suttas directly to cultivate a full understanding of the Buddha’s teachings.

There are many people in the world practicing the Buddhist Path without a teacher nearby. Perhaps with families or other life situations that prevent them from traveling to find a teacher. People who know dhukkha – suffering and unsatisfactoriness – and have begun their work on the path to freedom from dhukkha.

Dhamma coaching is provided from a place of intuitive awareness – of not-knowing – to let the answers reveal themselves in the process, so that they can progress on the path to liberation.

Dhamma coaching - Buddhist coaching
Dhamma coaching – photo from Buddhist temple in Thailand (Pixabay)