Meyubi – Dhamma coaching

Dhamma coaching for Buddhist practitioners.

Many Dhamma practitioners have no monastery nearby.

Meyubi offers is coaching online for Dhamma practice for anyone, at no cost. We practice dana, allowing merits of good kamma through giving.

This lets you support others and yourself to progress on the path.


The name Meyubi is pronounced as “May you be”, wishing:

  • May you be well
  • May you be happy
  • May you be kind
  • May you be wise
  • May you be free


The purpose of Dhamma coaching is to support Buddhist practitioners on the path to liberation.

Dhamma coaching is free for anyone practicing the Buddhist path – monastics or lay people.

It’s free for everyone, however there are a few criteria for the coaching.

Familiarity with the Four Noble Truths is necessary for us to have a common understanding in the coaching session.

Knowing the five precepts – avoiding intentional killing, avoiding stealing, avoiding sexual misconduct, avoiding false speech, and avoiding taking intoxicants -is also a base for the practice.

Understanding of the Eightfold Path is helpful. Not in terms of reciting or scholarly knowledge, but when hearing reference to the path, there is some recognition.

Understanding that there is no theistic belief system in Buddhism – that fixed views lead to suffering. Instead of thinking we know, we realize that this moment there is change.

Every moment.

Since there is change, there is uncertainty about whether what we believe is ultimately true.

Understanding that the Buddhist path is not to hold onto fixed views, but continuous practice.

Dhamma coaching

Dhamma coaching is from the perspective of spiritual friendship – kalyanamitta.

From the perspective that four out of five ways to attain liberation has to do with sharing the Dhamma – hearing the Dhamma, teaching the Dhamma, repeating the Dhamma, and reflecting on the Dhamma (the fifth is meditative absorption).

In coaching, we share and reflect on the Dhamma, so that it may lead us to liberation.